Lunch in The City Part 2: Street Kitchen

Another bright spot on the City lunch scene is Street Kitchen. Their shiny aluminum tube of a van appeared one day a few months ago outside my office near Broadgate Circle and I lined up the very first day to check it out.

the van

I have since tried just about every dish they make and the main challenge these days is deciding which one to choose! Each day the menu changes and offers three options: one meat, one fish, one veg. Each one is served with a selection of salads like beets, potatoes, greens and kohlrabi. The star might be their take on a chicken Caesar – grilled chicken with nice crispy skin, served over greens and warm potatoes with croutons, bacon and a creamy dressing. But the grilled salmon, pork shoulder, roast lamb and the roast squash and aged Winchester salads are all solid choices.

chefs at work

Plus they make a mean dessert. Earlier in the summer it was Eton Mess with strawberries, and now they’re doing a yogurt mousse with rhubarb or plums and a crunchy crumble topping. It is delicious.

chicken caesar + eton mess

Street Kitchen was started by two London-based chefs – Mark Jankel and Jun Tanaka – with vast and varied experience in top restaurants across the city.  Everything they serve (really, everything) is locally sourced from organic, sustainable sources, and they maintain direct relationships with all their suppliers.  Mark spent a year traveling around the UK to establish the supply chain and he has also founded The Food Initiative which aims to open a permanent restaurant this year that will further promote local, sustainable produce in the London market.

prepping the salads

Sole criticism: it’s a bit expensive. The vegetarian salad runs £5.50, the meat and fish options about £7.50, and the Eton Mess is £4. That said, it’s quality food and you know you’re supporting sustainable farming and local business.  Also, all the packaging and utensils are biodegradable, so you’re being extra friendly to the environment.

Added bonus: the other day as I went to grab some napkins, I coudn’t help but exclaim over the funny looking purple vegetable acting as a paperweight.  “Is that a purple kohlrabi?!”  They were so excited someone had finally recognized it, I got a free Elderflower pressé.  Who knew vegetable knowledge would come in so handy?

the kohlrabi

Vital statistics:
Location: in or around Broadgate circle
Tube: Liverpool Street
Prices: about £10 for a salad plus drink or dessert

the menu

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