Coffee Shops, Food Trucks & Other Yummy Things

Bluebird Coffee Shop
My local – I wrote about it here as well – they really know their stuff and the food – like fried egg, swiss and bacon on a cheddar chive biscuit, or the croissant BLT – is super yum.
: 72 East 1st Street, just off 1st Ave

Sorry Bluebird, but this one takes the cake on coffee.  A teeny tiny hole in the wall in the East Village, barely room to stand up and drink your latte – which is like heaven in a cup.  Beware of long lines on the weekend.
Location: 86 East 7th St, between 1st and 2nd Ave

Sigmund’s Pretzels
Cheddar and black truffle, paprika and gruyere, cinnamon raisin – all pretzel flavors at this Alphabet City spot that also serves pretzel sandwiches and features a vast array of sauces – beet horseradish anyone?
: 29 Avenue B near 3rd Street

Not cheap, but the tea here is delicious and the assortment of mismatched chairs and shelves of children’s books make for a cozy spot to curl up for the afternoon. The cheese biscuits are a must, and the finger sandwiches are also a highlight.
Location: 251 East 5th Street, near 2nd Ave

H&H Bagels
My favorite NY bagel spot, hands down.
: 1551 2nd Ave, at 81st Street

A mash up of Mexican and BBQ: think smoked short rib tacos. Yes please! These guys have two trucks (find out where they are now on Twitter @mexicue) and now two brick and mortar locations as well so there’s no excuse not to check them out.
: 106 Forsyth at Broome and 345 7th Ave at 30th St

Van Leeuwen
Fantastic home-made artisanal ice cream sold from a truck or their EV shop. They also do very good coffee. My favorite flavors are strawberry, ginger and red currant.
: Manhattan: 48 1/2 East 7th St at 2nd Ave Brooklyn: 632 Manhattan Ave near Bedford St and 81 Bergen St at Smith

Excellent, real Italian gelato, they have a bunch of shops throughout the city.
: 2165 Broadway at 76th, 1796 Broadway at Columbus Circle and 233 Bleecker at Carmine

Cafe Sabarsky
The perfect Upper East Side spot for breakfast, lunch or tea, or anytime really. Located in the Neue Gallerie museum and with a kitchen overseen by Kurt Gutenbrunner, it features German-Austrian cuisine and killer coffee and cakes.
Location: 1048 5th Ave at 86th

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